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Candelora: timetables made by the Montevergine funicular on 02 February 2023

We inform our users that on Thursday 02 February 2023 only, on the occasion of Candlemas, the public service of the Montevergine Funicular …

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Notices to the public 31 January 2023
Serino (AV): the modifications to the viability will not involve modifications to the distance traveled by the Air Campania lines

Following the Ordinance prot. no. 02/2023 of the Municipality of Serino (AV) with which we proceed with the modification of part of the urban road system to ...

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Notices to the public 30 January 2023
Free student subscriptions, I invite users to make them active

Given the communication received from the Consorzio Unico Campania relating to the free season tickets for 2022/2023 unaccountable students, we inform the students and …

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Notices to the public 27 January 2023
Municipality of Avellino, urban line o6 on holidays: alternative route activated in view of the Avellino – Latina football match

Given the specific ordinance of the Municipality of Avellino which ordered the closure to vehicular traffic from the intersection of via De Gasperi to the roundabout of Contrada Amoretta, …

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